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Our challenges become
your opportunities!

Our challenges become
your opportunities!

Look it’s like this…

Each Trion training school offers a unique learning environment for indoor learning. Every place has different challenges.
This can be in specialist knowledge about, for example, bilingual education, VMBO, international education, Brainport learning, giftedness, formative evaluation, technology or world citizenship.

And then you come…

Trion schools also like to explicitly present their challenges to you. Prospective and new teachers who think along with a fresh and creative view and who want to research and design are of great value to Trion!

At the start of the school year, for example, The Puzzles of… sessions organized for students at every Trion school. You can also join school-internal professional learning communities and/or Trion-wide workshops where teachers work on these issues.

Grab your chance!

There are challenges at every school. Your school teacher will tell you more about this. Think of multilingualism, super diversity, learning in authentic contexts, Wereldburgerschap@home, providing online and hybrid lessons, NT2, educational technology, learning coaching, the new learning path in VMBO, network learning, Bètachallenges, multiperspectivity and the Sustainable Development Goals. Great

starting points to get started with within your Didactic Design Research, Education Pedagogic Acting or your Educational Design Research. Will you grab your chance?