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BSL 1: As a starter you are not alone!


As a starter you are not alone!

Each Trion training school has its own induction program. These programs all stem from our shared vision on the guidance of starting teachers.

New school teachers form a diverse group. Perhaps you are a student in the final phase of your education with three to four years of internship experience. Or maybe you’re coming from a different profession with zero classroom experience, but experience in other areas. Perhaps you are a returner to education and you are no longer well informed about the latest state of affairs in the field of didactics and pedagogy. Perhaps you are a new colleague in a new profession, because you are studying for a second degree. Or perhaps you are studying for a master’s degree to deepen or broaden your work. In short, there are many ways to “start” in education. Due to the flexibilisation of teacher training courses, the number of teachers who still have a strong need for coaching and training in the induction phase is growing. Trion therefore takes its guidance of starting teachers seriously.

In the first year, the focus of most induction programs is on individual coaching (often with video feedback), intervision and theme meetings, reduction of teaching time (CAO agreements) and a carefully coordinated package of tasks.