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Youth coaching

As a helping hand you make so much difference!
How good are you at youth coaching?

If you do an internship at a Trion training school, you can receive 2 afternoons of training, after which you can start working as a youth coach or as a supporter of a learning coach.
A youth coach or learning coach is linked to a student who needs extra support. This extra support can consist of; planning or doing homework and learning, learning to ‘learn’, social support, a listening ear. In addition, there are also students who need ‘just a chat’ because they like to be able to tell their story. Students often find it extra pleasant to talk to someone who is still young and who knows their experience well.

What do you learn from this?

During the meetings you will receive training in conducting conversations and supervising students. The training is given by a remedial educationalist or care expert. You are therefore developing your pedagogical competences. In addition, you maintain contacts with the mentor and the remedial educationalist (collaboration with the environment). The program fits in well with programs around ‘Eye for every pupil’. It offers an opportunity to experience first-hand what students encounter and where their support needs lie.