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Together for the classroom!
Is co-teaching really your thing?

Training in dialogue and mutual learning are important principles for training together in the school. After all, a teacher of the future must be able to collaborate and co-create in the development and implementation of his education, possibly in interdisciplinary teams. We also expect students in the 21stcenturyto learn to work together, and we expect teachers to be able to teach their students this.

In addition, to be able to develop into a starting teacher, it is necessary to start thinking and acting together with the aid of (new, provided) tools. For that you need a free space where you can experiment. Important reasons for Trion to look for ways to stimulate and facilitate this collaboration. Co-teaching is such a “free space”.
Co-teaching can be used in various ways in our training schools. In the third internship year, you and your WPB will work on co-teaching. This allows you to learn from and with each other in a different way.