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Your professionalization

Yourself at the wheel!

As a teacher, of course, you are at the helm of your professionalisation. This often also takes the form of informal learning; you learn by sparring with colleagues, by reading a trade journal, by consulting an expert, by participating in a learning group, by doing research, by following a course or training, and so on.

If you work as a teacher in a Trion training school, you are automatically part of a conscious learning organisation. For example, you supervise a student who comes to your practice with workplace learning, which challenges you to share your practical wisdom, your tacit knowledge, with your intern. You will also be challenged by your intern to demonstrate model behaviour and possibly substantiate this with theoretical knowledge. You also train yourself in coaching skills and in questioning guidance.

Within the training school there are also various, constantly changing, learning groups for experienced teachers and colleagues from our partnership, in which you can participate.

The Trion learning landscape in development

The Trion learning landscape currently consists of the following learning groups in which prospective and experienced teachers, teacher educators, lecturers and/or researchers participate.