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Our microlearns


At the beginning of this school year, some Trion schools and institute trainers have, at the initiative of Astrid Oomens and led by Helma van den Berg, designed a number of microlearns in an APV pilot. In these microlearns we have made an attempt to briefly and powerfully bundle and shape the practical and theoretical knowledge, which is currently often presented in our conversations at the learning workplaces: three things to remember, explained in three minutes. Students in the Training School can subscribe to this and will then receive inspiration in the coming period on themes such as; differentiate through formative action, diversity in the classroom, multilingualism, coaching in a group atmosphere, bullying and solution-oriented coaching, in their mailbox for the coffee break!

We are curious what this addition to our toolbox for guiding in the triangle of practice, person and theory can mean for the students. If you are interested in these microlearns as a student or trainer in a Training School, you can send Astrid Oomens or Saskia Heunks a personal message.

Thanks to Astrid for this initiative, to all developers: Maxime de Vries, Ewout Koster, Ceciel Verlijsdonk, Inge Brons, Nico van de Klundert, Mara Rooijmans, Astrid Oomens and to Helma van den Berg for the technical and creative support, thanks also to FLOT and Trion who both gave space for this.

Differentiate through formative action; animation

Examples of formative action; interview video

Diversity in the classroom; animation

Multilingualism; animation

Solution-oriented coaching; video

Solution-oriented coaching; practical example for further elaboration.

Solution-oriented guidance