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It’s your learning process

It’s your learning process

Make your own plan

Every student who comes to a Trion school on-the-job training works from his own work-study plan, or personal development plan. The school offers you the opportunities, the possibilities and the guidance. You yourself take responsibility and control over your learning and working. You formulate your learning questions and ambitions in your learning plan. These can arise from the desired learning outcomes or competences of your study program and/or from your experiences in practice. Together with your workplace supervisor, your fellow students in the school, your school trainer and your institute trainer, you shape your workplace learning during your period at school.

Collect feedback and evidence of your growth

During your internship you keep a logbook with your own reflections and you collect feedback from your workplace supervisor, school trainer, institute trainer, fellow students and possibly others. You also collect evidence of your growth as structured as possible (AVG-proof). Think of lesson preparation forms, video recordings, designed teaching materials, student feedback, photos, student products and interviews. You can use this proof for your internship portfolio, but also for other courses in your study program such as general professional training and, for example, subject didactics.


Important conversations

During your internship there are at least three important official conversation moments, in which you sit around the table with (as many as possible) all of your supervisors at the same time. The introductory meeting, the interim assessment and the final interview. In addition to these conversations, you will of course have many more feedback and reflection conversations with your fellow students and supervisors. And don’t forget the important informal conversations with colleagues at the coffee machine ☺.

Choose your learning workplace wisely

When your workplace period is over, consciously choose the next place where you want to grow further and work on your learning questions. Use your Trion network to arrange the right new internship!