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Privacy Policy

To inform our students and prospective students about various activities and developments within the Trion training schools, we regularly make film recordings and process them into informative videos. We publish these on this website and on You Tube.

Our working method is that we interview students, staff or other people involved. In addition, we take atmospheric shots so that the viewer gets an idea of the situation.

As soon as we interview you, we check whether you are happy to talk about a particular subject on screen. You can then indicate on screen that you are okay with it.

For students younger than 16 years old, we provide a letter to parents so that they can give their consent.

When making atmospheric shots, people are always pictured very briefly or even recognizably. However, it is always fine if you indicate that you do not want to be in the picture. We will take this into account immediately during filming or afterwards when editing.

If at a later time you would like to object to being on camera, you can still indicate that. You can reach us at In this way we want to comply with the policy rules as drawn up by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

Thank you for your cooperation!