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Enthusiastic, motivated
and qualified!

Enthusiastic, motivated
and qualified!

Workplace supervisor

Your most important supervisor is your workplace supervisor (WPB), this is your first point of contact and support in the school. Our workplace counselors are certified and together with the school trainers and the institute trainer they form the training team within the school. What do they have to offer you? Your workplace supervisor will help you get acquainted with all aspects of the profession and ensure that you become part of the organization. Workplace supervisors ensure safety, which means that you are allowed to experiment and make mistakes. They help you to translate your subject into educational practice and to acquire and deepen didactic knowledge and expertise.


School trainer

The school trainer invites you for an application and introductory meeting. After this interview, it is determined with which workplace supervisor you form a good ‘match’. The school trainer is the connecting factor between the school and your study programme. In addition, the school trainer, together with the institute trainer, organizes and coordinates the learning groups within Trion, in which students and workplace counselors participate. They provide support both substantively and organisationally. The school trainer also conducts class visits and gives you targeted feedback on your actions. The school trainer will help you with your reflections and the search for your personal learning questions. At the end of your internship, the school trainer is also involved in the assessment. Our school trainers are Velon-certified as much as possible.



Institute trainer

The institute trainer comes from FLOT, ESoE, FSH, FHK or another teacher training course that is affiliated with a Trion school and is the first point of contact for the school. The institute trainer, together with the school trainer, is responsible for the process guidance. You should think of; supervising and helping with the drawing up of your learning plan, conducting lesson visits, supervising in finding and formulating learning activities that match the learning outcomes of the study programme, and providing targeted feedback. The institute trainer helps you to establish relationships between theoretical concepts, practical experiences and yourself. The institute trainer is responsible for the assessment of workplace learning and APV components.

Trion Institute trainer and School trainers

Ewout Koster,
School Trainer Henegouwenlaan


Denise Vlooswijk,
School Trainer Henegouwenlaan

Maxime de Vries,
School Trainer Oude Bosschebaan

Nick Remijnse,
School Trainer Jan van Brabant College Molenstraat

Guy Somerdijk
Institute Trainer Frits Philips, Huygens Lyceum & Olympia

Sandra van Mil
School Trainer Strabrecht College


Alice Flikweert
School Trainer ISE PO

Adina Lubeek
School Trainer ISE PO

Lisanne Rintjema,
Institute Trainer Jan van Brabantcollege and ISE

Jan Raemaekers,
Institute Trainer Oude Bosschebaan

Hanneke Gerits,
Institute Trainer Henegouwenlaan

Harry Deenen,
School Trainer Oude Bosschebaan

Inge Brons,
Institute coordinator FLOT, Institute Trainer Pius X-College and Research Coach Trion PLG 4th year

Saskia Heunks,
Programme Leader Trion
and School Trainer Henegouwenlaan


Rita Schildwacht,
Founder Trion Training school


Annemieke Vennix,
Institute Trainer ESoE