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Learn from an expert

Learn from an expert!
Which art are you going to look at?

Being educated in a school means a great opportunity to learn from teachers. But it is not easy for teachers to share their experience with students and become a source of practical knowledge for them. In order to make it possible for workplace supervisors to share practical knowledge, the coaching approach of ‘The art of teaching in action’ has been developed. The core of this is two cycles of three lessons that are jointly prepared, taught and discussed. Learning takes place in dialogue, with the student’s personal learning question taking center stage.

The art of teaching in action contributes to:

  1. Connecting theory and practice (recognizing theory in practice; viewing situations from different theoretical perspectives).
  2. Looking at students (less judgment, more insight into learning processes, more insight into the role of context in student learning).
  3. Acting professionally (making more conscious choices, seeing more solutions, looking more critically at one’s own actions).
  4. This learning group builds on the Wonder moment from the 1st and is a preparation for the learning groups in the following years.