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Our internships

School year 2022-2023

Do you also choose for a Trion Training School?
Within Trion we offer the following subjects at the different locations.
If you would like to do an internship at one of our locations, please contact the relevant school trainer and/or the internship office of your program.




 School Trainer


Stedelijk College Eindhoven
locatie Henegouwenlaan




Stedelijk College Eindhoven
locatie Oude Bossche Baan


International School Eindhoven – secondary


International School Eindhoven – primary


Strabrecht College


Jan van Brabant College
locatie Molenstraat


Jan van Brabant College
locatie Deltaweg


Pius-X College



Frits Philips Lyceum-mavo



Huygens Lyceum




Our courses

There are several courses that we offer. Below you can read about some of them.
If your course is not listed, please contact us because there are always possibilities.

Dutch, NT2, English, German, French, Spanish, mathematics, physics, chemistry, technas, biology, LO, drama, drawing, music

TTO: English, maths, geography, science, history, physical education.