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Desiree Deijl

Desiree Deijl

Education: Fontys Hogeschool Child and Education
Internship school: International School Eindhoven (ISE)
Internship: group 3 and group 4
I choose education because

I want to make learning fun and challenging in a creative way so that every child is heard and seen within the group. My wish is that every child can look back on a good primary school period and be allowed to discover themselves and be who he or she is.

My best internship experience is

The contact and bond I have with the students and how you learn from each other in this way. The contact with the different languages ​​and cultures gives the lessons more individuality, so that learning takes place in so many different ways.

My tip for you in your internship in education

Be open to learn from as many people as possible. Ask everything you want to know and be completely yourself within the internship. This allows you to learn the profession from the professionals around you and discover your own personal style of teaching.