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Fontys trainingsschools

We work closely with our partners from the Fontys Teacher Training Programme;

These are: the Fontys Teacher Training Program Tilburg (FLOT), the Fontys Sports College (FSH), the Fontys School of the Arts (FHK), and the Fontys School of Child and Education (FHKE).

With this collaboration, Trion is aiming for a small scale and personal guidance. With this, we create a flexible learning environment for our students.

Below you will find more information about the different institutes.

This is the link for the FSH (ALO):

A special website for the WPB members of the ALO students can be found here:

This is the link for the FHK:

This is the link for the FHKE:


Click here for more information about VLOT

Cirkel patroon

Several different educational programmes

We also work together with the Fontys Sports College.
The LO trainees are also officially part of the training school.

Information about the Fontys Sports college

Information about workplace learning at the Fontys Sports College

Information about the Fontys College for the Arts

Information about the Fontys College of Child and Education