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Ayse Gül Eroglu

Ayse Gül Eroglu

Trion school educator Olympia
History, People and Society teacher and mentor
My heart beats faster in education

I want to set the right example for my students. From VMBO-T I managed to become a history teacher. My students can achieve a lot if they find/keep the drive, the courage and the confidence in them. For my students I will always be a source of inspiration where they can see that you can achieve almost anything with your own will. Every day is a new start for my students in which they can believe in themselves and set/achieve their goals.

My best experience with an intern at my school

The first-year interns received information through speed dates during their first experience at our school, not only experienced teachers were involved in these conversations, but also the janitors, the care coordinator, the third-year interns, the team management and the new teachers. This gave the first-year interns a complete picture of our school.